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Feature Vermiculite

element % composition
SiO 2 34-36
Al 2 O 3 9,1-9,9
MgO 24,7-26
CaO 1,02-1,22
K 2 O 0,7-0,87
Fe 2 O 5,6-6,5
FeO 0.2-0.27
TiO 2 0,4-0,47
Mn 0,05-0.07
The coefficient of heat conductivity at 25 °С, kcal/mhg - 0.05-0.09.
The melting point - 1350 0C.
The coefficient of sound absorption at frequency 100 Hz - 0.7-0.8.
The temperature of use - from -269 to +1100 °С.
Belonging to the group of hydromicas vermiculite has a valuable property - the capability to increase its volume 15 times at the process of annealing. Swollen vermiculite after cooling preserves the new volume with very thin streaks of air between the leaves of mica.

As a result the annealed vermiculite possesses a whole number of valuable properties - low heat conductivity, high fire resistance and sound absorption. Owing to its property of not getting wet by molten metal vermiculite is an effective high temperature (up to 1100 0C) heat isolation material.
Materials and products from vermiculite are incombustible, biostable, neutral to the action of lye and acids, have stable in time strength, deformation and heat-technical characteristics. This fact stipulates high efficiency of vermiculite application as construction and simultaneously heat isolation and sound absorption material. The mineral has around 200 fields of application, such as:

ship-building and energymechanical engineering: car industry:
• vermiculite plates for the isolation of combustible covers
• manufacturing of incombustible constructions
• brake-shoes with vermiculite covering
metallurgy: woodcotton industry:
• covering at the pouring out steel for the increasing of qualitative rolling 1-1,5%; high temperature isolation • woodshaving and woodfibre plates with vermiculite covering for the fire resistance and decoration
chemical and varnish-dye industry: energy, introduction of district heating system and refrigerating industry:
• inflation of thermal and light stable varnishes
• inflation of acid-proof fluid reagents for their absorption at the integrity-breaching plates
• component of the rubbing covers of high temperature oils
• light vermiculite, vermiculite-concrete and other materials
• coatings and fashion materials for the thermal isolation of boilers, heating mains and other power constructions at the 900-1100 °С
The application in livestock-raising
The expediency of vermiculite use as an ingredient of fodder is established by research experiments. The addition in fodder of mineral sorbent in amount of 3% contributed to its correction. The alteration of its physical and chemical parameters was evinced in the upgrading of fodder density degree, enrichment of ration by macro- and microelements, stabilization of specific amino acids and reduction of some fermenting processes. Livestock has an increased:
    - hemoglobin content
    - number of erythrocytes
    - degree of protein, calcium, phosphate and other elements.
Also one can observe the weakening of symptom complex at Aleut disease in infected animals, histological change in organs, the tendency to the preservation of organs and the reduction of fat infiltration hepatocytose. Vermiculite having ion-exchange sorption properties is a biologically active means for the upgrading of productivity and natural resistance, prophylaxis of elementary diseases and toxicoses, improvement of end product quality in livestock-raising.
The application in poultry raising
Vermiculite has found its application as an ingredient of fodder at limited foddering of poultry. Here one can also enjoy the economical gain - the use of concentrated fodder is reduced. Besides, egg yield is higher, as well as preservation of poultry. The degree of fodder density, enrichment of ration by macro- and microelements are all higher.
The biological result from foddering vitamin-mineral premix is expressed in the increase of:

     - fat mass of chicken
     - amino acid content in meat and liver
     - concentration of vitamin A in hen eggs
     - egg yield
     - carathyroids
     - life capability
     - iron and manganese content.

The introduction in livestock raw material up to 30% of sorbent minerals allows to increase the yield of finished products according to the dosage of filler, improving simultaneously mechanical, physical and chemical indicators of fodder.

Thus, the introduction of mineral in poultry fodder bears witness of biological and economical expediency of its use for the increase of yield, quality and ecological purity of poultry products.
The application in agriculture
In agriculture, vermiculite is used as a sorbent, meliorant, fertilizer, radioprotector, and mulch. One of the reasons why swollen vermiculite is used in agriculture is its unique sorption properties.

The capacity of water absorption of 100g of swollen vermiculite is 400g (ml) of water. Owing to its highly porous composition, granules of vermiculite momentarily absorb moisture and fertilizer, withhold and give them up gradually. Thus, the introduction of vermiculite in soil improves its water-physical properties (increases porosity, capillary and whole specific retention of moisture by soil). Vermiculite is used for soil of any mechanical composition; it is especially effective on light sand soil and heavy loam and clay.

It is applied in mixture with a whole mineral fertilizer (nitrogen-phosphorus and potassium ones with ratio 1:1:1), which ensures:
    - the increase of fertilizer efficiency 1.5-2 times
    - the best regime of water preservation
    - the reduction of nitrate pollution
    - the blocking of radio nuclides and heavy metals
    - the upgrading of plant yield.

Vermiculite is used for mulching of near-stalk circles of fruit trees; here the expenditure is 8-10 l per 1 sq. m, for shrubs - 5-6 l per 1 sq. m. Swollen vermiculite is also used in greenhouses at the cultivation of various plants without soil (hydroponics).

When storing using vermiculite, vegetables and fruits preserve high consumer properties. Vermiculite absorbs products of gas exchange and prevents the processes of decay. It is possible to use it both for container storage and in bulk. The expenditure of vermiculite from 1 to 3% from the mass of products reduces waste 2-3 times.

At the propagation by cuttings, a substrate from vermiculite and peat is used with ratio 1:1. The root system of cutting in this case is formed more developed. Swollen vermiculite is employed for seed preparation.

Swollen vermiculite is recommended for use with an objective of increasing yield for seedlings. The addition of vermiculite in various soil mixtures allows to reach a constant value of moisture. In this case around the root system a microclimate is formed, which allows to lower the percent of plant root decay disease.
The application in soft roof manufacture
Sprinkling vermiculite concentrate and phlogopite sprinkling concentrate are used for sprinkling upper layer when producing roof materials.
The application in electrode manufacture
Research and production company Paton-Electrode together with the specialists of E.O. Paton Electric Welding Institute have carried out research and established that phlogopite mica is no less effective plasticizer of coating masses than ground muscovite mica. As a result of produced experiments the formula of electrode covers ANO-4, ANO-6, MR-3 was developed.
The application of phlogopite allowed, at electrode manufacture:
    - to increase plasticity of coating mass
    - to reduce rejects on different cover density
    - to reduce the number of components in a cover
    - to use as a binding element a cheap liquid sodium glass, preserving good welding technological indicators.
The application in construction

The expedient using of effective high temperature and thermal isolation materials allows to reduce material capacity of the constructions and nonproductive heat-power engineering expenses.
There are a great number of heat aggregates in different industry fields. Reducing of their effective work gives us a considerable effect.
Vermiculite is the only one material which is capable to provide high fire resistance of the building constructions, thermal and sound isolation and decorating simultaneously.
• fire resistance of steel metal constructions
• panels for the walls with warming from vermiculite
• warm floor with vermiculite
• light concrete with an inflation from vermiculite which may be covered easy and don't request smoothing mastics using
• monolithic bitumen-vermiculite heat isolation conduits with an anticanal gasket pipes
• vermiculite plates reinforced with mineral fibre for the antifire and isolation belts of an industry objects
• fireproof pastes and varnishes for the protection of metal and wood constructions
• plastic materials on the base of plastic pastes, inflation and pigments

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