Fireproof structures on the base of vermiculite plates have found a wide application at the construction of living, public and administrative buildings, including hotels, moving picture palaces, schools, hospitals, multi-store living complexes, office and trade centers, sports clubs), as well as when constructing and modernizing the objects of high safety (nuclear power stations, elements of power and evacuation anti-fire procurement) as construction-finishing material for the make of incombustible suspended ceilings, frame sewing partitions, safes, fire-places, anti-fire doors, elevators, canals of air and electric supply, ventilation, facing, heat isolation of walls and roofs, fire resistance of steel metal constructions.
Interior design
The refractory material that we produce can be faced by polymer films, plastics, post- and soft forming covers, steel and aluminum sheets, ceramic and marble panels, owing to which it can be widely used for the furnishing of wide range room interiors.
Leading ship-building companies of U.S.A., France, Italy, Norway, Finland, Japan use during many years such products for the make of suspended ceilings, partitions, anti-fire doors, ship furniture, facing and equipping of ship public rooms (cabins, halls, musical deck-houses, etc.)

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