The company produces incombustible fireproof construction vermiculite-silicate plates "Minplast" - an unique mineral material manufactured by hot pressing.

High quality and unique properties of our products allow to use it in construction, ship-building and carriage-building as structural finishing material: the formation of anti-fire constructions of A, B, C types for the ships of various classes and use, the construction of incombustible suspended ceilings, frame sewing partitions, safes, fire-places, anti-fire doors, ship furniture, facing and heat isolation of walls and roofs, equipment, fire resistance of steel metal constructions and other applications.

The product meets the standard of the Russian Sea Register of Navigation and the Resolutions IMO A.472(12), as well as sanitary and hygiene norms. The technical characteristics of the plates are as follows:

Indicator "Minplast"
1. Volume mass, kg/m 3 700 (±50) 800 (±50)
2. Bending strength, mPa (kg/cm 2 ), no less than 4,5 5,0
3. Heat conductivity coefficient, W/m·°К, at t=20°C, no more than 0,14 0,16
4. Residual humidity (under delivery conditions), %, no more than 7
5. Combustibility noncombustible
6. Toxicity (including at fire action) nontoxic
7. Fire resistance Fire resistance of bearing metal constructions at thickness 50 mm - 2.5 h; of metal air conduits at plate thickness 25 mm - 2.5 h.
8. Base dimensions* 3200x1600
9. Thickness, mm from 12 to 50
* It is possible to produce plates of other formats and thickness custom-built.

The plates on the base of vermiculite have significant advantages compared to materials used currently in the constructions of insulating covers, in particular porous silicate, slag cotton plates and others.
The quality of our products matches the best world analogues, and the flexible pricing strategy counts on the requirements and possibilities of any customer.

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