The company "RPA "MINERAL-TRADE" ltd. has been established in April 2001. From the very start of its activity the company strives for the improvement of product quality, servicing and enlargement of clientele both in Ukraine and abroad.

Since April 2002 we are engaged in the production of plate incombustible non-asbestos material "Minplast" produced by hot pressing from the compositions on the base of swollen vermiculite, liquid glass and specific additives. Furthermore, the company sells fractionated vermiculite concentrate, swollen vermiculite, phlogopite, sprinkling vermiculite and other types of mica-containing raw materials.

For the manufacturing of its products the company employs exclusively qualitative and environment-friendly raw materials. All the products of the company meet international sanitary and ecological standards. The quality of our products is the same as the best world analogues, and flexible pricing policy reflects demands and possibilities of any customer, of which we became sure judging on the comments of our customers.

The vermiculite plates manufacturing site is located in Kiev, the city with a properly developed transport infrastructure allowing to organize without problems the delivery of goods to a customer in the shortest term by any kind of transportation at the desire of a customer.

The policy of the company is aimed at the maximal satisfaction of the needs of a customer along with the soft individual approach to each one and the principles of open-mindedness and partnership.

We are sure that our products will find more and more interested customers not only within Ukraine but also abroad, of which bears witness the interest already shown in respect of our products by the representatives of plants from the Russian Federation. Become our partner and you will be personally assured of the advantages of cooperation with us!

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Our address:
9 Lugovaya st. 04074 Kiev, Ukraine
We welcome cooperation!

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